Why we need mobile dvr?

As we all know, transportation is part of nearly everybody’s daily life; people use vehicles for work and leisure travel, schools dispatch buses to pick up students and send them home, logistics companies use vehicles to deliver goods.

We can say the very fabric of society – people and assets – is being transported from one place to another every minute of every day. So securing them is obviously extremely important.

A mobile DVR has one of its prime roles in helping to secure such situations, protecting people flow and assets and ensuring the safety of traffic environments.

What benefits could Mobile DVR could bring to us?

A mobile DVR is specifically designed for vehicles, such as buses, cars, subway trains, etc. 

            A good quality mobile DVR can record for a continuous time without failure; it can withstand the frequent vibration and unstable power supply associated with vehicles, factors which are fatal to a regular DVR. It can provide evidence of traffic accidents and terrorist attacks while uploading alarm information to a control center in emergency situations through 3G / 4G functions. 

           A good quality mobile DVR will also have a long life span and give stable performance, which helps customers to reduce maintenance costs. 4ch Mobile DVR is one of the most popular solutions for vehicles monitoring.